The Last Post – By Derek K Miller

It’s funny…  Or maybe it isn’t, but I don’t really remember learning to read.  One day I couldn’t (and didn’t know or care that I couldn’t) and the next day I could.  Reading was something that seemed to come quite easily.  Certainly, it was never something that I struggled with.  Mum says that because I was a September baby, and starting school nearly a year before some of my future peers, she took it upon herself to start teaching me to read during the year I turned 4.  She says I could already read some before I started formal schooling.  I don’t remember any of this, but have no reason to disbelieve her.

Anyway, because the written word has always come easily to me, I connect just as easily with it as a medium.  I think that goes some way to explaining my interest in, and enjoyment of, the blogosphere. 

Words move me.  They can make me laugh, cry, think and generally emote in ways that other media do not.  Recently I followed a link from (a fantastic website) that instructed me quite firmly to visit “The Last Post”, written by a man named Derek.  Derek’s words are coming from beyond the grave, having left his family to post his final work after his death from cancer.  He muses on his life and what his passing ultimately means to him.

I’ve been looking through this particular post on and off for a while now, thinking “I’ll copy/paste some direct”, but I couldn’t find what I wanted that didn’t involve posting the entire thing.  I can only recommend in the strongest possible terms that you follow this link and read it for yourselves.  Go on, read it and admire Derek immensely and then go about your lives.

And remember, the internet is seriouz bizniz.


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