“How to tie your shoelaces” by Terry Moore

I think we probably all have them; that pair of shoes that manage to annoy you every single day by Not Staying Tied.  We’ve all got that pair of shoes that have “weird” laces that, however tight you tie them, are just destined to separate from their knot within a couple of hours.

Well, it turns out we’ve been tying our laces wrong all our lives.

Instead of tying the knot being looping the lace from the front to the back, you should be looping the lace from the BACK, towards the front.  It is a little more tricky because you can’t see what you are doing so well at the threading-it-through stage because your fingers get in the way.  But with practise it becomes 2nd nature – trust me.

I have a pair of those awkward laces on my favourite pair of trainers that would come loose or undo completely within half a day, and after discovering Terry Moore’s TED Talk, I resolved to try his method.  With a bit of practise I was able to do it easily and those awkward laces have NEVER come loose again.  It’s only been a couple of months since I learnt this technique, but now it’s easy.  So easy in fact, that I had to really think to remember how I used to tie my laces.

This has to be one of my favourite “life hacks” to date.

Watch it, and realise what you’ve been doing wrong all your life.

And remember; the internet is serious f**king business.


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