I’ve wanted to start a public blog for a while now…  I’ve had an on-off public blog on LiveJournal since 2004 where I’ve always (and still intend to) publish my personal goings on.  There were university dramas, some tales of woe, some alcohol-fuelled-badly-spelled-monstrosities and some things that were only funny to me.  While I love LiveJournal and will continue to support it for the foreseeable future, it lacks that easy public access that the likes of WordPress and Blogger do so well.  I’ve used Blogger in the past in a couple of half-hearted, topic-specific blog launches.  The longest of which lasted a whole 4 posts…  I wanted to officially leave them behind and start afresh on WordPress with condensedweb.

The idea behind condensedweb is to bring together all the stuff I love on the internet.  Don’t judge me, but I’m single, I live alone, I’ve got TIME to kill online.  A product of that is a whole arsenal of content I find clever, funny, thoughtprovoking and downright genius.  When I get excited about stuff I find online, I get excited HARD.

Before you say a word; Let me say this:

  • Yes.  I know there are a multitude of other sites that do this.  The Daily What is my personal favourite, tracking down no end of cool stuff.  It’s perfect for blog readers, but the endless linkage bugs me.  It pulls you in with clever tag lines and dot dot dots that do nothing but take you to buggy gee-whizz-man American websites that take 400 years to load.  Please be assured that if I have cool content I want to share, I’ll post it direct, with a link to the direct source, naturally.
  • You might not share my enthusiasm for some content.  That’s totally cool.  I probably won’t dig all your shit either.  Let’s respectfully agree to differ.
  • I love to interact with people.  Comment at me and I’ll do my best to comment back at you.  Just don’t be nasty.  That’s not fun, and I’ll just delete it.
  • I love fandom.  I’m not as heavily into it as I was in the mid-to-late noughties, but I can still be pulled into the fangirl thing from time to time.  Depending on my mood, content-specific stuff may dominate and I may, just may, over-use exclamation points too much.  Forgive me.

So…  (There’s that dot dot dot thing I was talking about), that’s the general idea for condensedweb.  Articles, video, music, blog posts, TED talks, websites, even off-line stuff is fair game.  Any of that stuff I think is cool and share-worthy will get a jolly little write-up here.

I hope to see you all soon.  And remember; The internet.  It’s serious f**king business.